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Now that your children have completed the 7th grade Career Investigations course, how are you preparing them for college and careers?



Most students want to go to college 1 in 2 students do not feel academically prepared for college.


Virginia employers have identified workplace readiness skills that entry-level employees are lacking.*


Regardless of the career path (job-ready or college-ready), students find support services helpful, but most aren't using them.


1 in 5 recent college graduates feel underqualified for entry-level jobs.**


Because of the lack of clear guidance after students complete the 9-week Career Investigations Course, a team of professional and certified career coaches developed skills-based education plans, called Guided Career Paths.  Guided Career Paths empower parents in their children's professional development journey.  


Our exclusive research-based, results-driven career coaching process acts as a blueprint to help parents prepare middle school graduates of this course for success in high school as well as any career path they choose. 

Based on the personalized career paths created by each student during the Career Investigations Course, our coaching plans help develop the crucial workplace readiness skills students need to master in order to ensure long-term success while in high school and beyond.  

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Smart Kids Coaching is a first-of-its kind youth career coaching partnership designed to help parents empower their children to not just find the best path for their future but to help them make that path a reality.  In the process, students develop the specific workplace readiness skills identified by Virginia employers.

Our team of professional and certified career coaches have decades of experience educating and empowering both students as well as their parents on how to successfully navigate the career planning process. 


By using the 7th grade Career Investigations course as a foundation, we are uniquely poised to deliver life-changing results for parents and their children. 



We coach parents in HOW to customize their children's guided career paths.

With school districts overloading our counselors as well as the need for more flexible planning processes highlighted by the COVID pandemic, career planning must become every parent's priority to ensure their child's success in high school and beyond. 


Each school year, we invite parents of students who have completed the 7th Grade Career Investigations Course to join our coaching community.  This opportunity is open to all middle school parents within Northern Virginia.

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"First, I feel less alone in my struggle to provide the guidance my child needs. I thought I was the only one fighting to get my child into specific classes that the school may say are closed or won’t be offered this year. Having had to do the planning on my own for my eldest child, I feel as though the possibilities for my 2nd, Josie, are less limited with someone in our corner who believes in my child the way I do.


It is good to hear where we have taken the correct paths, but more valuable to know about steps we hadn’t considered. And now it is not just my voice telling Josie she is a whole package type of individual, she is hearing it from you. The value of support and a belief in a child, from outside the parent, is priceless. It has taken her ember and made it a flame of belief in herself. Thank you."

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