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What Parents Need to Know

The Background

The Law

The Standards of Learning Innovation Committee, in its 2015 report to the General Assembly, recommended that the Board of Education develop a Profile of a Virginia Graduate and adjust Virginia’s diploma requirements to conform with the profile. 

The 2016 General Assembly subsequently approved House Bill 895 and Senate Bill 336, which directed the Board of Education to develop the Profile. In addition to emphasizing the development of core skill sets and establishing multiple paths toward college and career readiness, the Profile is also designed to give consideration to the "5 C's."

  • critical thinking, 
  • creative thinking, 

  • collaboration, 

  • communication and 

  • citizenship

The Profile of a Virginia Graduate

The Profile of a Virginia Graduate describes the knowledge, skills, experiences and attributes that students must attain to be successful in college and/or the work force and to be “life ready.”

In developing the profile, the Board of Education determined that a life-ready Virginia graduate must:

  • Achieve and apply appropriate academic and technical knowledge (content knowledge);

  • Demonstrate productive workplace skills, qualities, and behaviors (workplace skills);

  • Build connections and value interactions with others as a responsible and responsive citizen (community engagement and civic responsibility); and

  • Align knowledge, skills and personal interests with career opportunities (career exploration).

The Profile of a Virginia Graduate provides the framework for the requirements students must meet to earn a Standard Diploma or Advanced Studies Diploma.

The Career Investigation Course

The Career Investigation curriculum will assist students in bridging their academic and career development in the elementary grades with information on rigorous courses, career pathways, postsecondary options, and workplace trends in the middle grades to help them meet their goals for successful transition to high school graduation and beyond.

The Career Investigation curriculum supports the preparation of the “life ready” student and engages students in:

  • demonstrating workplace readiness skills;

  • exploring career clusters and pathways;

  • completing a career interest assessment;

  • participating in a work-based learning experience;

  • applying the decision-making process to course

  • selection and postsecondary options;

  • creating the Academic and Career Plan; and

  • connecting the world of work to responsibilities as a citizen, including personal, physical, and mental wellness.

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Smart Kids Coaching picks up where the Career Investigations Course left off. Our unique program introduces students and parents to the power of career coaching. 

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