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Smart Kids Coaching

Guided Career Paths

With the help of industry professionals, students learn how to incorporate skills-based activities and transform them into career development opportunities. These learning environments are the primary vehicles used to develop each student’s professional brand.

  • 1st Generation College Students

  • 1st Generation College Students (Engineering)

  • Females interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)/Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)

  • Minority students interested in STEM/STEAM and non-STEM/STEAM careers

  • Student athletes

  • Students focused on technical skills

  • Students in foster care

  • Students interested in becoming an educator

  • Students interested in non-STEM/STEAM careers

  • Students interested in STEM/STEAM careers

  • Students of immigrant parents

  • Students of incarcerated parents

  • Students of military parents

  • Students needing programs in lieu of detention

  • Students undecided about their career paths



"First, I feel less alone in my struggle to provide the guidance my child needs. I thought I was the only one fighting to get my child into specific classes that the school may say are closed or won’t be offered this year. Having had to do the planning on my own for my eldest child, I feel as though the possibilities for my 2nd, Josie, are less limited with someone in our corner who believes in my child the way I do.


It is good to hear where we have taken the correct paths, but more valuable to know about steps we hadn’t considered. And now it is not just my voice telling Josie she is a whole package type of individual, she is hearing it from you. The value of support and a belief in a child, from outside the parent, is priceless. It has taken her ember and made it a flame of belief in herself. Thank you."

Jennifer B.

Mountain Lake Reflection

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